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 Welcome to Global Star Capital, a guiding light in the storm that is commercial funding. Rich Cocovich, our founder and President has been that guiding light for his clients, plus equipping them with the information they need to get their project recognized by the right funding entities.

An important fact to consider is that some projects will never be successful due to the attorneys that a principal may hire. Ironically, these principles will pay an attorney to advise them to not pay any fees! One must remember that all true professionals need to be compensated. Rich Cocovich, is paid to assist in assuring that your project is recognized for its ability to make money. He is not a broker, rather a high end consultant that will tell you like it is. Mr. Cocovich only works with project principals who understand the value of having a true professional on their teams.

Please go to our website and read all of the information provided.  The site will provide you with important information about our process and protocol, plus much more on Rich Cocovich and how he can assist  you with your funding needs.  Simply click on the “Home” button above.

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